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Colour Tips

Logo Files

For the best results of brand resentation of your customised products, EPS, VECTOR, or AI files are our preferred type. These types of files will allow us to resize and reframe without ruining the intergrity of your logo.

You cannot save a JPEG or PNG into a EPS file, as your logo should have been designed in appropriate vector based program.

Mono Logo

Mono logo is your logo in only one color. We are likely to ask for your mono logo when screen printing. It can be in any color – as long as it is only one!

Full Color Logo

Full color logo is your logo in all its glory. The full color logo is the preferred logo for use on all printed and digital collateral – where possible. We use it with embroidery, digital print and sublimation.


When using images, they need to be in the highest quality possible. Making sure they are at least 300dpi will help your sublimation, digital print and general printing stand out!

If you have preferred stock images from online, you can also send us a link to them. And no worries if you haven’t got much ideas in mind yet, ask our graphic designer to come up something to start with!


We have no worries writing text for your products. However, it is best to stick to your styleguide, thus we need to know the name of your font. Or if you are sending text through to us, don’t forget to create all text into outlines!


79% of consumers
purchase from a
business who has given
them a promo product 

88% of persons receiving a
promo product can recall the
brand and or advertiser’s

Place a Tick in the shopping bag
instead of % When compared to
other forms of advertising,
Promotional product is a much
lower cost per impression

Place another the shopping bag
instead of % QR codes in
combination with a promotional
item can create higher
engagement and ROI than just a
digital strategy

87 % of people who receive
promo products, keep than for
more than 1 year

Your Promo Product Journey

Get in Touch

Check out our HUGE range of promo products in this website, or simply throw us a call or email.

Get a quote

Once you are sure about your need (product type, quantity, etc), we will give you a quote as well as answer any questions you have.

How does it look?

Once you have chosen your artwork, we mock it up for you, so you can see exactly how the final product will look!

What artwork do I use?

Now you are ready to get your logo or chosen artwork on your product! We have an in-house graphic designer, so we can do custom artwork for you!

The waiting game

After you have approved the final artwork, we send it off to our supplier where they work their magic in creating your branded products!

It’s here!

The wait is over! We can ship to your designated location or deliver it personally to your door.